Meet Our Leadership Team

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Meet Our Leadership Team

William (Bill) Graham

President & CEO, Parker Young Companies & RESCON

Bill is the President and CEO, Parker Young Companies and RESCON Group. He has successfully helped build the RESCON Group by combining local restoration companies into a regional powerhouse. In June ...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Paul Young

Vice President, Southern Operations, RESCON

Paul has more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry for disaster repair business. Paul along with his partner Jim Parker formed Parker Young Construction, Inc., specializing in disast...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Steve Macon

Vice President of Sales, Parker Young Construction

Vice President of Sales at Parker Young Construction. Steve has been in construction and construction management for 40 years - 30+ years with Parker Young Construction as Senior Project Manager/Estim...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ramesh Barasia

General Manager, Parker Young Companies

General Manager, Parker Young Companies since early 2016. Efficiency, growth, and profit are his focus. Having been in business for 30+ years brings valuable experience in running the Parker Young C...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Kiblinger

Chief Financial Officer, Parker Young Companies

Chief Financial Officer of the Parker Young Companies, responsible for the financial aspects of the organization including accounting, risk management, and tax compliance. Mike is a licensed CPA-Cert...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Shelya Thacker

Corporate Secretary, Parker Young Companies

Corporate Secretary at Parker Young Companies. She provides legal support working with outside counselors, as needed, and manages Human Resources, Collections, Support staff and all of the Administra...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Derrick Baldree

General Manager, FireStar, Inc.

General Manager at FireStar, Inc. since 2016. He is a Marine Corp Veteran and experienced in new construction as a job site foreman. Derrick started as a Supervisor in FireStar, later promoted to Pr...

Meet Our Leadership Team

Anthony Twiggs

Production Manager, Parker Young Construction

Production Manager at Parker Young Construction (PYC) for the last 25 years. A graduate of Georgia State University school of business. 30 plus year employee of PYC. Helped develop the in-house fl...