• Parker Young Construction, Inc.

    Home of Disaster Repair & Renovation Specialist

Remodels & Renovations

  • Disaster Repair Specialist since 1986 
  • In-house expertise in all trades 
  • Architectual/Structural Design 
  • In-house showroom with full time designer 

Debris Removal

  • Efficient, safe and eco-friendly debris removal 
  • Break down and haul any type of debris 
  • Professional and insured waste removal team 
  • Provide labor, demolition and complete removal of the debris 

Construction Fencing

  • Temporary Construction Fencing 
  • Driven directly into the ground to withstand the toughest conditions 
  • Meets all soil erosion requirements 
  • Proven cost-effective 


  • Extremely useful in renovation 
  • Consulting with the client to provide a customized architectural design product 
  • Ability to enhance the existing architectural design 
  • High quality and cost-effective 

Structural Design

  • Safe and economical specification of the structure 
  • Cross-sectional dimensions, grade of material, amount of reinforcement necessary to withstand the internal forces
  • Determination of load bearing wall 
  • Hands-on structural engineer 

Design Showroom

  • In-house design showroom for selection of fixtures, flooring and appliances 
  • Dedicated, full-time interior designer with thousands of projects completed 
  • Ability to receive a wide variety of materials on an expedited schedule for any project 
  • High value offering 
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