flame on match

When people think of summer fires in Macon, Georgia they most often think of the Smokey Bear slogan, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” However, this sentiment should also be applied to daily situations where fires can wreak havoc on properties and neighborhoods. In fact, according to the NFIRS, over 16,000 fires occur in the summer months. In order to protect your family and friends, you need to ensure that you practice good fire safety etiquette.

Preventing Residential Fires In Macon

Macon disaster repair service experts recommend that homeowners leverage the following fire prevention precautionary tips:

  1. Don’t leave stoves unattended, and be sure to keep the surrounding countertops clear of flammable objects, including dish rags, cleaning supplies, or oil-based cooking products. You should also double-check that your kitchen’s smoke alarms are working properly.
  2. Properly store and handle propane during transportation and its application to grills. Approximately 5,700 home fires are caused by propane grill accidents, which can cause injury, death, and millions of dollars in damage.
  3. Conduct heating and AC checks during the summer months. Clogged AC vents and damaged air filters cause approximately 2,300 fires each year. In addition, make sure that fixed air conditioning units are properly installed with plenty of access to good ventilation.
  4. Be careful not to overwork your electrical outlets. Short circuits are notorious for causing fires during the summer months when far too many portable AC units, fans, and other cooling devices are plugged into one electrical outlet.
  5. Keep the grass short around your home during particularly hot summer months. In the event of summer storms with lightning, make sure that you have a reliable water source and access to emergency services.

By following the above fire prevention tips, you can keep your family safe during the summer months. For additional information on protecting your home or using our disaster recovery services, contact the experts at Parker Young today.