shirts in closet

While closets may not seem like typical places for mold development, you might be surprised at how commonly it plagues home and business owners, particularly here in warmer and humid climates like Atlanta, GA. Here are five tips to help prevent mold spores from taking over your closets.

Prevent Closet Mold Growth

  1. Moisture promotes mold growth and has no place in closets. Allow freshly laundered and element-exposed apparel to dry completely prior to closeting them. Use racks by entryways to temporarily store items like damp jackets, bags and shoes.
  2. Use wire shelving and louvered closet doors in lieu of solid options to increase aeration. Don’t pack boxes too closely on shelves or clothes racks to further increase air circulation and discourage mold growth.
  3. Avoid storing dirty clothes or unclean items in closets, which contain organic substances that mold can thrive on. If items become musty smelling, remove them and clean all of the items including the closet itself. Regular closet maintenance can also help you detect the presence of mold early, making it easier to eradicate.
  4. If you have pantry-style closets in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, avoid opening the doors when the room’s humidity is high. This prevents moisture from settling on shelves beneath linens and non-perishables.
  5. Be proactive if you notice the telltale signs of spawning mold. If possible, you can turn on a low-wattage light inside the closet for several hours or leave the doors open to help dry out excess moisture. You can also opt to invest in a dehumidifier to eradicate moisture and prevent mold throughout the home.

Mold in Your Home? Our Atlanta Disaster Repair Services Can Help

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