The importance of sealing a home is often underestimated, but it can actually save you thousands of dollars in later repairs. That’s because leaks can cause insect infestations and mold that would require remediation by Macon, Georgia disaster recovery services. All it takes to do most sealing is a tube of waterproof caulk, so it’s definitely better to go ahead and fix those gaps.

Seal Water Out

This is some of the most important sealing you can do. Caulk up faucets, backsplashes and the places where your bathtub meets the walls. Then, go around the window frames. If there are gaps where the window glass meets its interior frame, seal them too. Gaps in any of these places can allow water to get into the walls or fall behind your fixtures to the floor. There, the water will cause rotting of wooden structural elements and allow mold to grow.

Stop Air Leaks

Air leaks allow drafts into the home and can create unhealthy changes in humidity levels. You’ll be more comfortable without outside winds blowing on you through your walls or windows. Doing this can also dampen outside sounds, which makes it easier to relax and easier to sleep.

Block Openings to the Outdoors

Mice, insects, and even rats can fit through small openings to the outside. This is true even if there is insulation or some other semi-soft substance between the gap and the true exterior of the house. Stop the autumnal invasion of warmth-seeking rodents with a caulking gun, or for bigger holes, by installing screening and plaster over the openings. These steps will also help keep ants, roaches and other invaders from taking up residence.

If your house has gone unsealed for a long time, it’s not too late to stop further damage. Caulk or otherwise seal the gaps and then call us to repair any damage that has already taken place.