At Parker Young Construction, we’re there when the worst case scenarios happen in your home. Whether it’s flooding, fire, storm damage, or anything else, we’re your trusted go-to company from North Georgia to just south of Macon, Georgia for repair. One of the best ways to keep from having to call us is preparation. With the summer giving way to autumn, it is important to start thinking about the winter that is ahead of us and what steps you should start making before the weather goes cold.

do-not-use-faucetEvery year we go out to a lot of homes who have frozen pipes that have burst. The damage is extensive in these cases and the best way to avoid it is with prevention. Did you know:

  • In the south, pipes typically freeze then the temperature drops below 20 degrees.
  • You should only drip faucets that run through an unheated or unprotected space to prevent wasting water.
  • If you suspect a pipe has burst, shut your water off at the main valve going into the house in order to minimize the damage it causes.

You have time still to prepare before the weather becomes a problem. Before then, inspect your home and work at identifying which pipes are most likely to burst so that you can be prepared when the cold nights arrive.

Source: Protecting Frozen Pipes
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