smokeWhen you offer Atlanta disaster repair services, you see the worst that can possibly happen. While we take great pride in helping people rebuild their lives, there’s nothing better than using prevention to avert the disaster from ever happening. When you make sure that your smoke alarm is in full working order, you’re taking one of the most important steps to protect your property from catastrophe and keeping the lives that you care most about safe. Here’s how to make sure that your smoke alarm is working perfectly.

5 Steps to Make Sure Your Smoke Alarm is Fully Functional

  1. Be sure everyone knows your testing the system. When you make tests a regular practice, it’s important to let people know about a drill beforehand. That way when it’s the real thing, people will know to act accordingly. If your alarm is tied into the home security system, be sure to let them know as well.
  2. Have someone stand far away from the alarm while still inside the house. How well can they hear it? If it’s not loud then it’s time to increase the number of alarms. The alarm should also be able to be heard from outside the house.
  3. Get up on a chair or ladder to reach the alarm and press the test button. If it does not immediately emit a loud alarm noise, you can troubleshoot by replacing the batteries or have an electrician take a look for hardwired models. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to replace the unit for one that’s fully functional.
  4. The test button isn’t enough. Make sure that the sensors are fully functional by spraying aerosol near the alarm or lighting a couple of matches and holding them a couple of feet below the alarm.
  5. Regardless of how well your unit is working, it should automatically be replaced every ten years.

Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, misfortune can’t be avoided. If you’re currently in the process of dealing with damage to your home or business give us a call. We’re happy to provide the best disaster repair services in Atlanta.