grill with food

Summer’s in full swing and grilling is a fine way to cook flavorful cookout favorites. Here are nine tips for safe grilling this season to keep you safe, compliments of Parker Young Construction, providers of trustworthy disaster repair services in Atlanta.

Tips for Safe Grilling this Summer

  1. Keep kids away from the grill. If you know your kids are likely to run amok, invest in barrier gates to guard your grilling area.
  2. Maintain a good distance. You should keep your grill a safe distance from your house—at least 10 feet away.
  3. Grill only under approved canopies. Make sure you’re grilling under safe, fire-resistant canopies and not under wooden overhangs, tents, or inside a screened porch. You should definitely not grill indoors, either.
  4. Keep your grill away from deck railings. Positioning your grill directly against deck railings can cause a fire that could spread to the rest of your home.
  5. Turn on your gas grill properly. For gas grills, you should open the lid before turning on the grill. If the lid is closed, you can accidentally create a fireball! If it somehow doesn’t ignite, you need to turn off the gas, wait five minutes, then try again.
  6. Clean your grill often. Leftover fats and grease make conditions ripe for flare ups and unsafe fires.
  7.  For gas grills, check for leaks. Check your grill’s hoses for leaks to make sure your grill is working properly.
  8. Declutter. Remove flammable decorations from your grilling area to prevent fires.
  9. Keep firefighting tools handy. A fire extinguisher and spray water bottle can serve you in the case of fire emergencies. Spray bottles are good at calming down flare ups from old grease, while fire extinguishers can handle unexpected explosions.

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