electrical outlets

You likely don’t give outlet plugs much thought until you need to use one. However, outlets can present a hazard if they are not grounded. All it takes to identify whether or not an outlet is grounded is a few seconds of observation. Grounded outlets have two vertical holes and a larger round one centered beneath them. While grounded outlets have been a mandated electrical safety feature since the ’60s, older structures may lack that protective third hole and present a very real danger.

The Importance of Grounded Outlets

Essentially one vertical slit represents a ‘hot’ wire and the other is ‘neutral.’ The large hole is also neutral and serves as a failsafe should the outlet short. This ‘grounding’ hole redirects renegade electricity through the grounded wiring to prevent it from channeling into people and other materials that may encounter the outlet.

What Makes Ungrounded Outlets Dangerous?

While they may have seemed harmless so far, ungrounded outlets can drastically increase personal and property risks. Electrical fires can be prevented with grounded outlets, as ungrounded ones can spew sparks when electricity misfires,  damaging items nearby or even causing a major flare-up. Ungrounded outlets can also cause plugged-in equipment to short out when electricity goes awry, and this can spell disaster for costly appliances and gadgets. Last but not least, the unfortunate person who touches an ungrounded shorted outlet will have a real shock coming to them. Overall, it’s worth the small investment to get grounded outlets to prevent serious incidents that can become costly.

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