The aftermath of a fire is an emotionally charged time, to say the least. Thankfully, there are people and organizations available to help you rebound from this tragedy. One of those individuals is your insurance agent. Here is exactly what to ask your agent following a fire in your Macon home.

What Can Be Done to Protect the Remnants of My Home?

If the fire has not destroyed your entire house, find out what can be done to safeguard the remnants. The answer hinges on your unique situation. The insurance agent will likely recommend covering up the windows. He might also suggest erecting a temporary fence around what remains of your home.

Should I Sell or Rebuild?

If the insurance company won’t cover the repair costs in their entirety, selling the property might be prudent. This is especially true for Macon homes that were in poor condition prior to the fire. If the damage is fairly minor, it might make sense to repair the property.

Does My Policy Provide Reimbursement for Temporary Housing?

If the fire prevents you from living in your house, find out if your policy provides money for temporary housing. You might find that your policy covers a portion of this cost.

What Information Do You Have About Local Remediation Companies?

Inquire about disaster remediation businesses that can restore burnt sections of your property, clean soot, get rid of smoke odor and more. However, if the home structure is faulty following the fire, it might not be possible for these services to be performed.

Know That Parker Young Construction is on Your Side

Lean on Parker Young Construction in the days and weeks following your Macon home fire. We will handle fire damage repair, mold removal, water extraction, smoke damage restoration and so much more. Contact us at 1 (888) 303-9288 to learn more about our Macon disaster repair services.