Water damager after flooding in house with furniture floating (3

There are varied types of damage that water can cause to the home which could be seasonal or a one-off situation due to unusual circumstances. The most common types of water damage are related to blockage in storm water drains that could backup into the sewer, or ice formation breaking off exterior pipes followed by roof or foundation leakage during rains. Water damage around the foundation can lead to destruction of foundation as most homes have wooden structures. To repair different categories of water damage one has to first identify the damage category.

  1. Category One – This category comprises of water damage caused by overflowing water outlets like broken taps, leaky sink or bathtub. It is easier to repair as it does not pose any health risks though it can cause formation of mold in the bathroom or kitchen. The best tools for repairing this water damage are a wrench to turn off water and a mop to clear excess water.
  2. Category Two – Water damage that pose health risks to people in the nearby vicinity like crack in sewer line or water supply pipes and even leaking roof that can cause damage to furniture and people in the house. To repair this type of damage expert help would be required as first complete water removal has to be carried out and then the cause of leakage or blockage would have to be identified.
  3. Category Three – This type of water damage has to be attended to immediately by a remediation specialist. In this situation excess rains or blockage can lead to stagnant water from drains and toilets backing up into the house that can damage drinking water and people’s health due to foul odor. Action has to be taken immediately for removal of this filthy water through special tools and then repairs can be made to furniture and other objects in the house  to restore normalcy.