rain and gutters

Atlanta water disaster repair services can be invaluable in times of heavy rains and floods. These natural forces, however, aren’t the only source of potential water damage to a home’s exterior. Here are some ways you can prevent water damage to your home’s exterior.

Your Roof

Check your roof for any missing or loose shingles. Areas around chimneys and vents are particularly susceptible. Make sure limbs of trees aren’t in contact with your roof where moving limbs can cause damage.

Gutters, Downspouts and Drainage

These features are responsible for gathering and moving water away from your structure. Make sure gutters are clean from debris. Check downspouts to ensure they are free-flowing. Prevent future clogging by adding gutter screens. Water from downspouts should not be dispersed any closer than six feet from your home’s foundation.

Exterior Walls

Check to see if there are any cracks or openings in siding or bricks. Pay particular attention to where vents, pipes or wires enter your home.  While you are checking, look for termite, mold or rotting damage.

Doors and Windows

Look for cracks or leaks around doors and windows and repair with caulking. Test to make sure door and windows close tightly but do not stick. Sticking doors and windows could be a sign of developing foundation issues. Try to avoid having bushes or plants come in contact with your exterior siding. They can be a conduit for moisture and pests.

Atlanta Water Damage Repair Services

Disaster repair services aren’t always necessary due to Mother Nature. Sometimes, water damage can occur from broken pipes, a backed-up drain, septic system, or roof failure. Keep an eye on the exterior of your home to prevent exterior water damage.

When you need water disaster repair services Atlanta, Parker Young has you covered. Contact us for repair services whenever disaster strikes.