House with AtticBecause mold can cause significant health problems, particularly in those who are prone to the development of allergic reactions, keeping it out of the attic is an essential part of proper home maintenance. Mold is one of those things that no one ever seems to spend much time thinking about until it becomes a problem in their life. Fortunately, the average homeowner can do a lot to prevent the development of mold colonies in their attic, and Atlanta mold removal services exist for those situations where mold colonies have gotten out of control. The following are several strategies designed to help homeowners keep mold to a minimum.

Proper Ventilation

Mold thrives in areas that don’t receive enough air circulation. Keep in mind that because heat rises, the attic area is a natural environment for mold. Proper ventilation will help keep mold issues in your attic from becoming a serious problem. Placing a fan in the attic may also help to recirculate warm air throughout the house, helping keep heating costs down while waging war on mold.

Household Vents Discharging Into the Attic

Dryer kitchen and bathroom vents discharge into the attic in many homes, and this situation is almost a guarantee that you’ll be plagued by mold due to the steamy conditions this creates. The ultimate solution to this issue is having the vents rerouted so that they discharge into the exterior of your home. Uninsulated air ducts, as well as exposed plumbing pipes, may also play a part in mold infestations in attics.

Attic Insulation

If your attic is poorly insulated, atmospheric humidity may be seeping in from your home exterior and raising the risk of mold developing in the attic. It may be time to have your insulation job redone.

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