Previously, we suggested that it would be wise to use the fall season to find out where your pipes are located in your home and know which ones might be in danger of bursting once it gets cold in Georgia. That kind of information isn’t only helpful when it comes to pipes, however. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that everyone really needs to be prepared in case of several different possibilities.


Enter, one of their fall organization tips is to prepare a power and wire map. These are the things they suggest doing:

  • Make a rough sketch of your floor plans and mark the shut off valve, fuses box, or power sources in your home.
  • Use color-coded stickers to make it easy to follow in a glance.
  • Don’t forget the list of necessary phone numbers.

You should also keep in mind that you won’t always be the person using this map. Make it easy for a housesitter, babysitter, petsitter, or family member to be able to look at it and understand what it is trying to convey. When something does go wrong, contact us at Parker Young Construction to come out and repair any damage that happens to your home because of a disaster.

Source & Photo Credit: Fall Organizing Tips