home disaster prevention repair

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Light bulbs can be used in almost every room of a house for efficient lighting, but you need to be sure that you use your light bulbs properly if you want to keep a safe home. Incandescent light bulbs can cause dangerous fires if they are not used correctly. Follow Georgia disaster prevention tips to reduce the risk of fire in your home.

Brittle wiring is one factor that can lead to light bulb fires. Wires in a bulb that get brittle due to an excess amount of heat as a result of having wattage that exceeds specifications can cause a bulb to catch fire. This can be especially common with wires inside walls and ceilings.

Light bulbs in enclosed fixtures are also at a high risk for fire because heat is not able to dissipate as well. Bulbs inside a glass scone or globe can be more prone to fire than other bulbs. If a bulb overheats, it can damage a fixture and melt the socket inside of it, starting a fire. Keep in mind Georgia disaster prevention tips and use incandescent light bulbs that match the wattage specification on light fixtures to prevent light bulb fires.

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