flooded ground

The spontaneous nature of floods catches most people by surprise. As such, they struggle with taking the right measures to mitigate the hazard. For this reason, we encourage people to ask as many questions regarding flooding as possible. When poorly handled, floods can cause extensive structural damage and numerous health risks. Here are three common questions we get from home and business owners with regards to flooding and its damages.

What Should I Do When Experiencing a Flood?

The first step is to contact a damage restoration company. They are tasked to prevent further spread of the water and to pump the water out. The contractor sets out to assess damage and work on an action plan. This is in a bid to prevent further damage to property caused by the water. The next step is to call your insurance company to begin a claim process for the damage incurred. All the utilities such as electricity and water should be shut off. If the structure has endured too much damage, it is safer to stay out. If the flood water interferes with the sewage system, one needs to watch out for waterborne infections. In this situation, it is best to drink treated or well-boiled water.

How Much will Restoration Cost?

The cost of restoration and damage control goes hand in hand with insurance coverage. Each situation is different and unique, hence there is no exact estimate of the costs that will be incurred. Throughout the restoration process, the restoration contractor should communicate to keep track of expenses being incurred.

Am I Covered for This Damage by my Insurance?

Standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover floods. In most cases, though, homeowner’s insurance covers for water damage caused by a pipe burst or leakage. In instances of flooding, one requires a separate insurance specifically for floods.
It is important for both homeowners and business owners to be aware and prepared for instances with floods.

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