HouseEven when there aren’t any injuries, house fires can prove devastating to homeowners. The loss of items as well as the mess that can follow can prove overwhelming. The following are five common causes of home fires and tips to help prevent them.


Whether it’s the result of splattered grease or an overheated pan, most home fires are related to cooking incidents. It’s important to prevent grease build up on the stove and to always supervise any type of cooking.


Careless smoking is a factor in most home fire deaths in the United States. Smoking should be done outside if at all possible. If done inside it should be avoided when individuals are tired. Large ashtrays should be used to keep embers from falling onto furniture or carpets.

Heating Equipment

Even in Macon, Georgia the nights can get cold during the winter months. Fireplaces and electrical heaters are often the cause of house fires. Standing heaters should never be left running without supervision. Homeowners should never use liquids that are flammable when starting fires in a fireplace.


Old appliances and outdated wiring can increase the chances of a home fire. Having an overloaded extension cord with too many appliances plugged in is also a fire hazard. Stoves and chimneys should be periodically cleaned to keep them in safe working order.


Many people love to decorate with candles, especially during Christmas and Halloween. Unattended candles can easily cause fires in the home. It’s important to keep candles a safe distance from curtains, furniture, and any type of decorations.

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