Work With Firestar

Firestar is the firm to call for any building-related emergency. Firestar’s sister company, Parker Young Construction, then handles reconstruction to the original condition. 

We know what you’re going through. We’ve been through catastrophes with thousands of home and business owners, and we can help in a surprising number of ways. From basement flooding to roofs torn off by tornadoes, from kitchen fires to structures riddled with mold, having your business or home severely impacted is naturally very stressful.

From the very beginning, you’ll be assigned an estiamtor who is sensitive to the practical, financial, and even emotional impact of such a large-scale disturbance in your life. They’ll lead a team of certified specialists to return your house or company to normal as quickly as possible. Families have other concerns to deal with, and business owners can’t afford to lose additional revenue. 

The Right Equipment for the Job

The team at Firestar retains a huge inventory of specialized equipment to complete any project efficiently – even the big jobs. It’s a collection of valuable assets that no other contractor in Georgia can match. That means others may have to cut corners, for a second-best effort. Firestar has everything needed to get the job done right the first time.

Even when hospitals and other critical services suffer a catastrophe, our specialists and equipment get them back up and running quickly, so you know it’ll be no problem to do the same for you.

 The team at Firestar goes the extra mile

For example, even after water extraction, flooding from a leaky pipe or severe storm leaves behind the possibility for mold. In the case of mold removal, it’s not enough to simply remove the mold you can see. Only removing visible mold leaves behind its ‘roots’, enabling it to grow back. For us, that’s simply unacceptable. When we do a job, it stays done.

When other companies come to handle damage from a fire, we’ve found they often leave without addressing the smoke damage left behind. Firestar pro’s will assess any collateral or hidden damage to your building, and present a plan to rectify it.

We’re here for whatever you need.

Firestar is the one company that does it all. It could be a broken water line to the coffee maker in your office. It could be a fallen tree that’s left a hole in your roof, with rain leaking down and soaking your furnishings. We hope you never have to deal with another catastrophe, but if one happens, you know who to call.

Dealing with a catastrophe? Contact us immediately at 770-368-1000. Then keep our number in a prominent place for any future needs.