About Parker Young

With over 46 years of expertise, proudly serving as the premiere disaster repair contractor in Georgia and the Southeast.

About Parker YoungFounders Jim Parker and Paul Young both from Tifton, GA have been in the construction repair business since 1971 and formed Parker Young Construction, Inc. in Atlanta in 1986 to serve the area’s growing population and need for a construction firm specializing in disaster recovery and repair.  With a full-time staff of almost 200 dedicated disaster recovery professionals, we believe the process of recovering from serious property damage shouldn't be as painful as the loss.  Whether you have multiple large buildings, a single unit small business or a private residence, we are dedicated to the efficient, professional, and sensitive handling of the catastrophic aftermath of fires, tornadoes, severe storms, floods and other destructive phenomenon.  Rest assured, Parker Young Construction is equipped with the latest technology to refurbish and restore both the structure and its contents.

FireStar was founded in 1995 to complete our in-house restoration capabilities by adding water extraction and dehumidification, complete content and structural cleaning, as well as document restoration and mold remediation services.  Damage to commercial buildings can be costly due to structure and property loss, as well as the untold cost of missed revenue as a result of business interruption.  We have the resources, experience, and technical expertise to help minimize your business disruption and subsequent loss of revenue.  We are able to reduce the negative effects on both your employees and your business by returning your property to normal quickly and cost effectively.  FireStar is staffed by experienced personnel, skilled in the application and use of specialized chemicals and equipment, developed specifically for fire/water damage control and repair for residential, commercial, government and military facilities.  Our specialists can provide on-site assessments of damage and recommendations for action upon receiving your call.  

Parker Young Construction, Inc. and FireStar, Inc. are independent sister companies with the single common goal of providing superior service to our commercial, residential, government and military customers.  Whether working as a team or independently, both share the knowledge and expertise gained from over 25 years of serving as the premiere disaster repair contractor in Georgia and the Southeast.  No other company offers the same degree of experience, quality and unsurpassed service our customers come to expect from Parker Young Construction.  

Paul Young | President, Parker Young Construction, Inc. & FireStar, Inc.